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canon printer error b200
cannon b200 printer error

It can really be frustrating when we are going to print something and the error pops up and you have to stop your printing work there only. These problems arise on the basis of different printers. For instance, if you use canon printer then you might encounter particular canon printer error.

It also happens that there are many problems you can encounter while using canon printer. The most common problem you face while using canon printer is canon printer error b200. But do you know what does that canon printer b200 error indicate? This dreaded B200 canon printer error usually occurs when the printer head is died!

But wait, don’t just junk your printer however these printers are very expensive. We have bought you a solution to fix canon printer error b200.

Firstly, understand what causes this canon printer error b200 ?

Canon printers are one of the best printers known worldwide for easy troubleshooting. One of the most common errors most of the canon printer users encounter is canon b200 printer error. The error in canon printer b200 indicates the faulty print head. Now you are thinking what is the print head? The print head is the most important part that is used to spread ink from cartridges to paper.

Print heads are a mostly opprobrious problem that usually occurs especially on cheaper printers.

Ways to troubleshoot canon printer error b200

There are many ways to resolve canon printer error b200. We have defined the different ways in which you can solve canon b200 printer error.

You have to follow these steps to resolve it:

  • The first solution to solve the canon printer error is to reset your printer. You can do this by unplugging your printer and leave it disconnected. You can detach the printer from the plug for at least thirty minutes. Sometimes it may happen that while you reset your printer then it will allow the printer to cool down. This trick may also be useful to position the printer to its actual state.
  • There could be a possibility that something is disrupting your connection to your printer head. So it is important to remove all the obstructions that are causing the error to your printer. To remove any obstructions you need to open the door of the printer and also the print head so that you can access it. After opening the print head, you need to be carefully disconnecting it and lift out the printer.
  • Once you pull out the printer head you need to clean it using printer maintenance option. You can also manually clean it by using alcohol or non-oil based cleaner. Don’t forget to use a microfiber cloth to rub the cleaner onto the printer’s head. Make it dry completely before reconnecting it.
  • You can also remove the old ink stuck on its surface. To clean the old ink you need to run it under hot tap water. This lets the ink flow away. You can make it dry by dabbing the dry cloth on it and insert it into the printer.
  • Another method to solve the canon printer error b200 is to reinstall the printer drivers. You can follow the instructions to update your printer drivers available on the canon printer support page.

If you want to troubleshoot cartridge canon printers then you need to follow these steps:

•         You need to open the top cover of your printer and you will see cartridge cradle will automatically lift up. From that cartridge cradle, you can easily remove all the cartridges.  

•         After removing the printer head and cleaning it, reinsert the printer head back in the position and make sure the lever will get locked.

•         After reinserting the printer head then you need to add all the cartridges back in their position. By inserting all the cartridges back in the printer head, make sure that all the doors get closed. This will make printers to access the cartridges that were placed in the print head.

•         After doing so you can unplug the printer cord and leave it for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This will result in cooling the printer and solving the canon printer error to some extent.

•         After 10 minutes replug the printer and check the nozzle. If everything works fine then you can see the printer will not show any error.


This dreaded canon printer error b200 usually an indication of the problem of the printer head. There could be various reasons through which the error is occurring like the problematic cartridges, the problem in printer head, etc. But, the most common solution to fix this issue is to restart the printer. We have also listed various solutions that will help you to fix canon printer error b200. We hope that these ways will surely help you to fix canon printer error.

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