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If you are facing “printer driver is unavailable error” then it means that your computer system is failed to recognize your connected printer. This type of error usually happens when you connect your printer to your computer without having the driver installed properly. The printer driver is unavailable also means that the driver installed on your computer is not compatible or out dated.

What to do if printer driver is unavailable error occurred in Windows 10?

Printer error is unavailable in Windows 10, is probably occurs when some updates are missing or there is a need to reinstall your driver. Another reason for getting this error could be that your windows are not updated. Once you update your windows 10, then your error gets resolved. You can follow these steps to update Windows:

•          Go to Start option and type “Update”

•          Select the option “check for updates” by clicking on it.

•          If you find any updates available then Windows will update them automatically.

•          Once the updates get installed then you can restart your PC.

•          Now you can check the printer issue, it gets solved.

If the problem still persists after updating your printer manually, then you can try to reinstall the printer drivers and troubleshoot the error that will not let you take the printouts.

printer driver is unavailable
printer driver is unavailable

Ways to solve printer driver is unavailable error

•          Try to uninstall the printer: When it happened that “Printer driver is unavailable” error occurs you can try to uninstall the printer drivers and all other related software in the system. Either you can opt for this option or you can go through all other drivers available and select the right driver of your device.

To select the right driver available for your device you can follow these steps:

  • Open Control panel of your system and click on the Devices & Printer option.
  • Once you click the option, you will find all the printers listed.
  • You can right-click on the printer which is causing the error and select “Remove device”.
  • Now open “Run command dialogue box” and type “devmgmt.msc” and navigate to category, “Print Queues”. You can select the printer, right-click on it and select the option “uninstall device”. You will not find that option, if that selected printer is already removed.
  • Once all the above steps have been followed by you, then you can disconnect the printer if it is connected with your printer through USB. If you are using a wireless printer then you can disconnect it from the connected router.
  • Shut down your system and plug out all your connected devices and power supply. Restart it after 10 minutes and wait for the system to detect your device.
  • Go back to Control Panel and right-click on the device to set it as default printer.
  • Now you can try to print your page and in this way, the printer driver is unavailable error gets resolved.

•          Try to reinstall the latest drivers manually: Another method to solve this printer error is to reinstall the latest drivers manually. If the above solution does not get worked then you can opt for this solution. You can try to update the latest drivers available for the connected printer. In this way, you can solve this printer error you are facing.

We hope that this article would help you to some extent and let you solve the problem. If you are facing any other error like printer spooler error then you can read our blog to fix printer spooler error.

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