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Are you finding difficulty in printing? Is your printer showing errors like “Printer error spooling” or “printer connection failed”? These types of printer spooler error messages are very frustrating. But do you know what the printer spooler is related to? The main work of printer spooler is to connect your printer to the windows. The printer spooler error mainly occurs when the printer fails to interact with your windows.

How can I fix printer spooler error?

These spoolers would help you to handle the entire struggle you get while printing. We have defined some of the steps to solve printer spooler error .

The spooling error look Like this

Printer printer error spooling

Steps to fix Printer Spooler error

You can fix printer error spooling by changing your printer properties. For this you need to follow these steps:

  • Press the “R” key along with Window key. In this way, you will find the Run Dialogue box to be opened.
  • After opening the Run dialogue box, type services.msc command. Please note that this will work on any version of Windows from XP.
  • When you have entered the command, then double click on the printer spooler option.
  • Go to printer error spooling properties and click on stop and start buttons located there. It happens most of the time that some errors can get stop just by clicking on the stop and start button.
  • After pressing the start and stop button, you can start the printer spooler again. Don’t close the window as there can be some changes left to be done.
  • In the general tab, select “Startup type” just by clicking on the drop-down menu. You can choose the Automatic option so that printer spooler automatically starts up as soon as you turn on the computer. To save the changes, press the apply button.
  • Now, go recovery tab as this tab controls your printer error spooling properties. In this tab, we need to make some few adjustments that will help to solve printer error spooling issues. Change settings for First Failure& Second Failure option as “Restart the service”  and for Subsequent Failures choose the option, “Take no action”. After choosing appropriate options, click the apply button.
  • Once the recovery option gets changed, click on the Logon tab. Tick the checkbox, “Allow interaction with desktop” and apply the changes.

After following these steps to solve printer error spooling you can restart the computer to check if printer spooler error still persists.  We hope that these steps will help you to solve printer error spooling. If the problem still persists then, you must use any other external tools to solve this issue.

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