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Ways to fix “Printer not activated error code 30”?

Sometimes it may happen that printers are not working properly and showing errors in printing. If you are going to attach the most important file in the mail or want to save it as a PDF and print it later, then at the time of printing the error occurs. Most of the people face the issue “Printer not activated error code”. This type of Printer Error comes due to several reasons which prevent you from printing.

There are several issues related to “Printer not activated error code”. They can be printer not activated error code 30, printer not activated error code 41, and many others. Now let’s talk about how you can fix the “printer not activated error code-30” issue.

Ways to fix “Printer not activated error code”

“Printer not activated error code” shows various errors. Here we will talk about how to fix “printer not activated error code-30”. If you are facing this issue then, this blog gives you the best solution possible.

printer not activated error code 30

Solutions for this problem

  • Ensure your desired printer to be a default printer

To solve this issue, you need to first ensure that the desired printer you are using is set to be a default printer. If it is not like that then you need to follow these steps to make it as a default printer.

  • Click on the Start option and then click on the “Printer and faxes “option. A printer folder is visible to you. Click on the folder to open it.
  • When you click the Printer folder, make sure you check marked the desired printer option. If not, then click on the check box to make it a default printer.
  • After making it as a default printer, you can click on the printer test page for self-test.
  • If the page gets printed successfully, then you try printing it from the application you were using before.

  • Update your Printer Driver to solve printer error code 30

The printer code not activated error – 30 is showing due to incompatible or corrupted printer driver. It may also happen that the printer driver is not updated. Therefore, the updating the printer drivers can solve this error to some extent. You can update the driver in two ways:

  • You can go for a manual driver update in which you can search for the corrected driver for your printer. While updating printer drivers, you can make sure that the drivers are compatible with your printers.
  • Another way to update the printer driver is to automatically update the driver if you don’t have time to manually update it. For this, you can search & download the latest driver update available over the net.
  • Modify your printer registry

Another solution to fix printer activated error code-30 is by reinstalling your printer drivers and modifying your printer registry. If you want to modify your printer registry then you can follow these steps:

  • Press Window key along with R key and enter “ Regedit”.
  • Navigate the TDS PDF Generator software key, you can right-click to change its permissions.
  • Select Users Group option and select Full Control Option and check the Allow button.

After doing this, you will give full control over the application and the error gets resolved.

You can also run the printer troubleshooter to solve the bugs you are getting. We hope that this article will help you to solve the “Printer not activated error code”.

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