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Communication errors are the most common and irritating errors when it comes to bear a printer error. As a communication error comes out of nowhere, one minute you are printing a document and another minute that too in the middle of a half-printed document, there comes a communication error.

The causes of a Printer showing communication error can vary from the electrical connection of a printer’s cord to the interface cable.

Troubleshooting this error is not difficult; just try one or all the steps given below and find your ultimate solution to printer showing communication error.

Ways to troubleshoot communication error in a printer

If the power light is turned off:

  1. Check the power cord

Sometimes while printing documents the power cord’s connection to the electrical outlet might loosen and therefore printer shows communication error. To correct this, turn off the printer. Then, check the connection of the printer’s power cord to the electrical outlet and then turn the printer on again.

  1. Check for automatic timer

Sometimes the electrical outlet is controlled by a third party switch or the printer has set an automatic time to turn off itself and disconnect its functions from the device. If you are in such a situation then, you can try another plug or just replug the power cord with the same electrical outlet.

If the power light is on but the printer is not printing:

  1. Connection problems

When your printer is in error state it might happen due to the connection between your device and printer is not established properly. For this, you can perform the setup procedure again.

To perform the setup procedure, forget the printer in your device and connect it as you would have connected it for the first time.

  1. Unsecure interface cable

When the power light is on but the printer refuses to print, this happens due to the interface cable problem. Just like the connection between the device and the printer is sometimes challenged and the setup needs to be done. Similarly, when the connection of the interface cable is insecure when plugged in, the printer shows communication error. To resolve this, you should check both ends of the interface cable between the device and the printer.

  1. Incorrect interface cable

If the above step of insecurity of the plug of the interface cable does not work for you then you might be using the wrong interface cable which only worked with your printer for a short span of time and then stopped working.

If you use a USB cable interface then you should use Revision 1.1 or 2.0 cable.

  1. Occurrence of an error

Your printer might be showing communication error because some other printer error might have occurred in it. For this, go to the control panel, and check on what lights are blinking other than the power light. Especially, check for the red light, as the blinking of red light is the indication of error.

If there is an indication of error then, you should run a full scan of your device to check such errors which are causing printer not responding

  1. Broken printer

When the printer is showing communication problem and you have checked all the above things and corrected them but there is still an error in communication then it can happen that your printer might be broken. Check the nozzle check pattern to see if the printer is broken or not. Run a printer operation check if the printer still refuses to print after the nozzle check pattern.

If nothing works then, contact your printer’s dealer.

  1. Improper setup

It might happen that the application software is not properly setup, mean thereby the setup of the application for your printer is not done in the right manner. This is very common with EPSON printer. When there is such error in the printer, it is known as Epson error code 0x97. To correct this, check your application software and make sure the printer is selected in it. If it is not selected then select it and the communication error will be removed and your printer will start printing again.

  1. System memory is full

Printer not printing is a common problem when the memory of your system is full. Printer is connected to the device and when the device’s memory is full; it hangs and affects the work of printer while printing the documents. Because of the full memory, the printer is not able to print the document as the document might be too big for the device.

For this, you can try different things like cleaning unwanted files and applications from your device or reducing the image’s resolution.

Just search for performance in the search tab and set the device’s performance from “what’s best for the device” to “for more battery or storage”. You can also install more memory to the device.

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