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Epson m200 is an economical product that is custom-made according to the requirements of the users. But many side effects create problems in printing the documents, and therefore different errors occur in the Epson printer.

Cause of Epson m200 printer error

The ADF error in Epson m200 is a common error that causes a lot of problems. ADF stands for Automatic Document Feeder. This document feeder sometimes gets jammed due to small pieces of paper. Epson printer error can be really frustrating when you try to print the documents.

The pieces that get jammed in the printer, when their quantity rises, and you remain dormant in cleaning the chunks of paper then it might get big and create an ADF error. This error creates a lag in the period of printing a document. 

The leading cause of Epson m200 printer error is when the pieces stuck in the printer are overlooked and create a jam in printing the documents in the automatic document feeder of the Epson printer.

Methods for troubleshooting 

  1. Check for paper jam
  • printing the documents some chunks of paper get stuck in the printer and when they bundle up and become a bulk piece then start the problem of Epson printer error. For this, you can clean up your printer regularly and make sure that there are no pieces of paper in it when you start to print another document.
  • Your printer is new, and there is still a problem in printing the documents and the papers are getting unnecessarily stuck then you should contact the manufacturer, or from whomever, you acquired the printer.
  1. Try powering off
  • you are facing Epson m200 printer error then you should try restarting the printer and the device. First, you should disconnect it from the device and power off the printer. Then you should restart your device and connect the printer again.
  • Will solve your Epson printer error, and then you can print without any errors in your printer.
  1. Try a troubleshooting software
  • the error, you can install troubleshooting software that is ScanSoft.
epson m200 printer error
  •  the following steps to troubleshoot:
  1.  Shut down your PC and power off the printer’s document feeder and also the scanner.
  2.  Leave them be for 3-4 minutes.
  3.  Turn on the PC and install ScanSoft.
  4.  Use the ScanSoft product to scan your PC for errors relating to the printer.
  • Will redirect you towards the problem that is causing an error in the printer. Please correct the error then it will be easy for you to print the documents.
  1. TWAIN scanner settings
  • m200 printer error can be solved by searching TWAIN scanner settings in your computer, then select TWAIN batch scanning. Then, exit the scanning window and restart the computer.
  • To solve Epson printer blinking lights error
  • the lights on the printer blink differently, mean thereby when you turn on your printer, it flashes red light instead of the light that should target that your printer is online and ready to print the documents.
  • Blinking lights error causes due to two reasons, either roller jam or sensor problems.
  • To know the problem, you can check the sensor head and clean it. If you don’t see any problem with the sensor head, then follow the steps for the power drain process.
  1.         Turn the printer off and unplug the cables from the device.
  2.       Hold the power button of the device for 30 seconds.
  3.      Put the cables back and start the printer.
  • Will make your printer relax for some time, and you can solve your Epson printer blinking lights problem.



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